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Today on #AddictingKpop | Jessica – Wonderland

If you’re familiar with the kpop world at all you must have, at one point or another, heard of the happenings between Jessica and the rest of SNSD. Not only that but the lovely little triangle that is SM Entertainment, Jessica and SNSD. I can’t even begin to properly analyze what goes on behind-the-scenes in that kind of environment, but if you’re unfamiliar with how the music industry works in S.Korea, here’s a small snippet.

Typically, in the Western world, there are record labels that various artists seek to sign with to manage tours, albums etc., all with varying degrees of input by the artists themselves. In South Korea it’s 98% the other way around. Companies like SM Entertainment, YG, and JYP (just to name a few) scout their talent out but also hold worldwide auditions to train to become an idol. Many groups of the late 90s and early 2000s  began this way, including SNSD. Jessica Jung, along with her sister Krystal, were each scouted by SM Entertainment with Jessica joining Girls’ Generation and Krystal into f(x).

But what exactly is the problem here? From what I’ve surmised, many of these idols are recruited young. So young that they know what they want yet may not have really, truly, fully read the contracts they were agreeing to. We can only make assumptions on what exactly went down between Jessica, SNSD and SM two years ago, but they parted ways and now we have this gorgeous winter song written my Jessica herself.

They most certainly went all out with the filmography, didn’t they? It’s an epilogue to her solo debut song, Fly, where she’s dreaming of going from the desert to the snowy mountains. Everything from the choreography to the costuming is, well, very Jessica, and she certainly looks more content with this type of style. If you watch her behind-the-scenes video you’ll know that all the outside scenes were actually shot in the elements, so she and her dancers  were legitimately  frolicking in the snow.

For someone who has been a SONE since 2008, I consider myself to be a #goldensone. Some fans want to distance themselves from Jessica and only support OT8, but you can’t ignore the previous nine years we had them as OT9. It makes absolutely no sense. The original fanbase name is SONE. Jessica’s fanbase is called Golden Stars. Those who are able and willing to support both are called GoldenSONE.

I can only imagine how hard it must be to choose to be a part of the Korean music industry. They don’t need fanwars over the seemingly littlest things. And it might just be my Western way of thinking, but I do hope that someday soon things will change in this corporation – we can only hope. Until then, Jessica certainly is making her own kind of wave. She broke from the contract and, from what I’ve seen, remains vigilant. She may not be allowed to perform normal showcases like MNET and Inkigayo, but she does what she does for her fans, and that’s what I appreciate about her.


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