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Today on #AddictingKpop | K.A.R.D. – Don’t Recall

I am proud to say that I have found another group that I have followed since their debut (or, in this case, pre-debut!) with my first being Girls’ Generation. My other fandoms, SHAWOL (SHINee) and MeU (f(x)), came later, but I suppose I am what you can call a second-gen kpop fan. I wasn’t aware of the genre when groups like SES, DEUX and Roo’Ra (hey lookit! Another coed group!) were around. I found it when I was going through a hard time in uni, post-final exams and post-ex-boyfriend-breakup. Kpop is ever changing and, while Roo’Ra is an exception, K.A.R.D. is the next exception.

This group hasn’t even debuted yet and already they’re making waves. Many reaction channels on YouTube see them as a fresh change to the monotony of the girl group only/guy group only combinations. I am not in Korea, so I don’t know how well-received KARD is there, but they most definitely already have an international fanbase.

K.A.R.D. is currently in pre-debut mode, meaning they are releasing music in terms of PR but they are not promoting on shows like MCountdown or Inkigayo. They have, however, already been on shows like Rising Star, After School Club, put up dance practice and reverse-role videos, an English version of Don’t Recall and are building a strong online presence. I only hope they are are able to keep it up for when they officially debut! K.A.R.D. consists of two guys, BM (or BigMatthew | King Card), J.Seph (Ace Card), Somin (BlackJokeR) and Jiwoo (ColourJokeR). Now the “cards” they represent can be a bit confusing, because you’d think that Jiwoo would be the letter “D.”

Their first “release,” named Oh Na Na, is at 12 million views and as of March 30th, Don’t Recall is at 14 million. As far as I know, they have one more song coming before they officially debut and start promoting. I only hope that DSP treats them fairly, but it can’t be as bad as SM, right? (oooh shade!)

BM and J.Seph in Mama Mia (KARA…I miss KARA! *cries*) I had to go back and watch it again but I’m fairly certain I recognized BM in a dance sequence

Somin in Born Hater (EPIK HIGH)

But enough background.
Let’s get to Don’t Recall

If I may be completely honest, it took me a bit to get used to the idea of a coed group. It wasn’t a situation where one artist was featuring another, like Taeyeon’s “I” feat. Verbal Jint or Luna and Amber’s collab with R3hab’s Wave. This is a permanent foursome (oh Lordy does that sound…bad!) but you get my drift! You know how there are some songs that take a couple of listens to get you into it? Oh Na Na was like that for me. I love the song now. It’s on my “kpop favorite” playlist on YouTube. So is Don’t Recall. But from that first release I saw their potential – and a lot of others did as well. Every member plays a role. With this…almost genre-within-a-genre…everyone does a bit of everything. That’s how I see it at least. J.Seph is most definitely the main rapper, if you look at the “conventional” way members are broken up in kpop. But they all shine in their own way – even though poor J.Seph is hidden by BM’s crazy tallness in the choreo for this mv!

I follow J.Seph and BM’s IGs, and they both hinted that their third mv project is going to be a ballad. After their first two unique (I seriously almost just typed that as YOUNIQUE, as in YOUNIQUE UNIT…wow) releases I’m looking forward to how they handle a song type as intimidating as a ballad. Good luck K.A.R.D.! (if they ever even read this!)

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