Minami kun no Koibito | My Little Lover

 Minami kun no Koibito:
My Little Lover

Minami kun no Koibito: My Little Lover is a ten-episode Japanese drama that ran from November 2015 to January 2016. One thing I appreciate about the length of this particular show is how short it was. It was fast-paced yet heart-warming, and everything was concluded nicely in the final episode.

I was intrigued by this series because it reminded me of The Borrowers. ”A Borrower is quiet, conscientious, and inconspicuous. We don’t steal; we borrow.” Of course Chiyomi Horikiri (Maika Yamamoto) is anything but when she magically becomes the One-Inch Princess, a mythical character many in her town believe to actually exist. Her once-best-friend, Shunichi Minami (Taishi Nakagawa), finds her in a childhood play spot after hearing she’s gone missing, and the shenanigans begin.

It’s so hard to write one of these things without giving away too many spoilers, so I will just say this. If you’re looking for a feel-good drama, albeit a couple years old, this is a great drama to start with! Chiyomi’s personality is infectious, there’s always that one boy who has an unabashed crush and antics galore as Chiyomi and Shunichi have to learn how to navigate their new awkward situation, The cast definitely balance each other out and I hope the two will pair up for another drama!




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