Korean Skincare | Mishibox

I have never been a shopper. Well, I should rephrase. I have never been a “I have to go to the mall and hang around and do absolutely nothing” kind of shopper. I hate crowds. Which is ironic since I worked at my city’s wildly popular ballpark for a year with the Pittsburgh Pirates (it’s worth noting this is the team that Jung Ho Kang was signed to a few years ago…but that’s a whole other story). So once I got into the kpop world that opened the door for learning more about the country from which it originates. Enter in online shopping.

I’ve been described as quiet yet quirky. I’ll take that description head on. I prefer a nice, stay-at-home shopping experience over Black Friday sales any day – mostly because I work in a big box retail store (oh all the irony in that!) – but I can also find websites at 2 in the morning tailored more to my interests at home than I ever could going downtown in Pittsburgh. That’s how I stumbled across Mishibox.

I don’t even remember how long it’s been since I’ve had their webpage bookmarked, but it was definitely right before they launched their subscription box service. I loved the fact that it was run by folks who know Korean skincare better than I do, it’s based in the US, the prices were (are) reasonable and it’s under $6 for shipping. They’ve been growing their brand-base as well, and getting more products for their customers is a continual process.

Another item worth noting is their customer service. I have had nothing but good experiences with them. They acknowledge feedback/suggestions, are very responsive on their social media, offer discount codes, just revamped their Rewards program and recently did their own type of “March Madness” bracket of kbeauty [skincare] prizes.


If you’re unsure of where to start with Korean skincare, a subscription box is a great place to start. While boxes aren’t customizable, it is $19.95+shipping/handling. You can review the products they send on their website to earn even more Reward points towards the next purchase of a product you may have been eyeballing. I subscribe on and off at least once a year, because you do get one or two full-size products each time. I found myself amassing more than I could use up, and it’s totally easy to stop/restart your subscription. Not only that but all the instructions on their information card are in English. Win win win!


Here is a list of the brands they carry!
A’PIEU, About Me, banila co., Baviphat, Benton, Berrisom, Chamos, Cleomee, COSRX, D’RAN, Dr.Jart+, Enprani, Esfolio, ettang, ETUDE HOUSE, Fascy…

If you would like to find out more about them, visit their social media listed below!
Instagram | Website/Store | Twitter | Reviews via YouTube |


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