Drama | Good Morning Call

A surprisingly charming drama, this 17-episode show was produced by Netflix and based of the manga by Yue Takasuka. If you’re a casual drama watcher like I am, you know that you can easily get sucked into a great show, and this one most definitely did. Thank goodness it was only seventeen episodes, because I know for certain that I would still be watching it now!

The cast is centered around two teenagers, Nao Yoshikawa and Hisashi Uehara who end up living in the same apartment via unwelcome circumstances. Each of them have their own reasons for wanting to live alone but manage to come to an agreement both sides can accept. There’s the typical small group of friends that grows around Nao throughout the series – it’s hard not to like her with her accepting personality. As such this also enters in a love…square…so to speak with her, Daichi, Issei, and Uehara.

Though it’s a Japanese drama, it has Boys Over Flowers vibes, where every girl in the school is infatuated with one of three of the most popular boys in school, threatening each other should one or another attempt to date them without “asking permission.” This leads to jealousy and mystery throughout the series against Nao, although half the time Uehara is oblivious to it at the beginning. It also has vibes from Playful Kiss, where the guy barely has to study and is still one of the best students in the school.725abf617ccf4e264076e7b781009f07.jpg

If you’re looking for a good, short, light-hearted drama to get into, definitely give this one a try! It’s found on Netflix but I haven’t had a chance to check other drama sites to see if it’s anywhere else should you not have that subscription. I actually hope that they make the sequel manga, Good Morning Kiss, into a drama as well! (With the same cast of course!)

Happy Drama-Binging!



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