Drama | Click Your Heart

Click Your Heart is a dramady (dramedy…draaaamedy? Now I’m just playing around with the fact that I don’t know how to spell that word!) I found on Netflix some time ago. At first I was disappointed that each episode was only thirteen or fourteen minutes each, but each had so much packed in that it felt like you’d just watched a twenty-episode long season. It originally ran from March 17th, 2016 to March 19th, 2016.

Da Won (Kwon Min Ah) is a high-school girl who keeps getting transferred to other schools because rumors of her being “cursed” get so out of control. Even teachers add fuel to the fire even before she officially arrives. She already has one childhood friend who takes her under his wing. His radio club, who does not want her to join, thinks it will be a funny idea to try and get her to do an interview with the school’s famed baseball player, Ro Woon, who has a penchant for dodging their group.

I can’t! He yelled at me for talking to him in the morning!” – Jae Woon
He thought I was a fan and just gave me an autographed ball and left. –Ji Sun
“He said he’d kill me if I showed up again…” -Yi Young

Of course their meeting creates chaos in the school, more rumors to spread, and another mysterious suitor to appear. But since this series isn’t a long one by any means, I don’t want to ruin it for you in just one post because I could basically cover the whole thing in a thousand words!

If you’re looking for an even shorter drama to get into than My Little Lover, definitely flip on Click My Heart. Bear in mind, however, that this “microseries” is filled with first-time actors, as it was AOA’s agency that produced it specifically for Minah. Everyone did a fantastic job. It was funny, made me cry, and I connected to [most] of the characters. Maybe my standards are too low for dramas, but when I started out I had to teach myself to not be too overly-critical and enjoy it with some analysis. There’s no way you can watch anything without comparing it to something else! That’s seriously impossible. Save this drama for a rainy day with hot chocolate, or a Friday night at home or when you’re trying to finish a term paper on your laptop in the library [don’t forget your headphones!]. Enjoy! [I mean seriously…who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by four boys who all want nothing but to make you happy? #singlegirlproblems right there!]



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