Minzy | 니나노 ft. Flowsik

Today on #AddictingKpop | Minzy – Ninano

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything about a music video, so let’s get right into it, shall we? While my bias group is SNSD (aka Girls’ Generation or Sonyeo Sidae), I do enjoy listening to other groups as well. If you don’t you’ll just hole yourself up into one set and not experience what else the genre has to offer. Some “kpoppers” gravitate towards mostly boy groups or mostly girl groups, but I’d like to think that I have a healthy mix of both. I may still have trouble picking a specific voice out or matching names to faces (I don’t really have time to “get to know” all the members of EXO or Super Junior), but I can appreciate them based on their skill and talent. It’s why I refuse to allow myself to get involved in the fanwars and drama that often comes with new releases as other fans want to ferociously support their group. That could be an entirely different blog post on its own. That sort of brings me (at 2 AM) to my point. 2NE1 began in 2009, two years after SNSD, but still there was rival. And WAAAAY too much to get into what that. 2NE1 consisted of Park Bom, Dara, CL and, of course, Minzy.

But why now the solo career? There’s a trend among the older, senior kpop groups that those who began in the early-mid 2000s have begun to disband. 2016 saw the disbandments of 2NE1, KARA, 4Minute, BTL, Rainbow, and several more I’m unfamiliar with. The first three mentioned, 2NE1, KARA and 4Minute, were the most popular ones (IMHO). (Groups disbanded in 2017 [so far] include Chocolat, I.O.I. and MIXX). So with no more 2NE1 and CL beginning her own solo career, it seemed to make perfect sense that Minzy would move on from the YG entertainment company and pursue her own solo status.

If you’re reading this article then you may already be a 2NE1 fan, so here’s a video of their 2015 MAMA performance, and you all know why this is so special for BLACKJACK fans:

Chills, right? I literally almost cried again. I’ve must have seen this SO MANY TIMES by this point but I still get goosebumps up and down my arms, even with CL’s performance at the beginning (as much as I disagree with the racy moves, but that’s yet another whole post on its own). It’s still such a fun song to gear up for a crappy day of work to! So you can see that 2NE1 never went through the “bubblegum pop” phase that SNSD did. They’re hardcore. Which is why I love the direction Minzy’s solo went.

This M/V is full on grunge. The beat drops hard and fast and you already want to dance, just like with CL’s Hello B**** but it is so very Minzy. You can be hypercritical and point out that she’s using the same mirror method that Taeyeon’s I Got Love M/V uses to emphasize her dance, but I’m not that petty. You can tell that BLACKJACKS are still going strong because her M/V has already garnered nearly 2.5 million views in a week, hitting at least one of those 2.5 in 24 hours.

BONUS: I literally just found this video, even though 1theK calls it a “Special Clip,” and I am in love with it! The two videos are stark contrasts of each other but Minzy is spectacular in both!

Superwoman is beautifully shot, mixed well, showcases Minzy’s range and was immediately added to my “Favorite Kpop” list! The message is as positive as Jessica’s (former SNSD member) “Fly” M/V, and I think the world needs that right now. Or maybe I just need that right now.

Unfortunately the song may not be doing so well, but in my eyes it is an awesomely fun one. It’s sometimes hard for artists to debut sololy in Korea. That’s just the nature of the industry. So in the spirit of Superwoman stay positive. With the ferocity of the song that inspired this post in the first place, have at it, because only you can change your situation. No one else can do it for you.


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