K.A.R.D. | Rumor

Today on #AddictingKpop | K.A.R.D. – Rumor

This is it. K.A.R.D.’s last single before they officially debut later this year. I can’t believe it’s been a month since Don’t Recall‘s release but when BM and J.Seph announced it on their Instagrams last week I knew I couldn’t wait. Darn the luck that I’m in a different country and was working, so I couldn’t be part of the Notification Squad! If you want a more detailed look into this group, follow this link here. That post contains more background on this new co-ed kpop group. So let’s focus this entry on nothing but the Rumor release, shall we? (I should be putting my groceries away but hey…nothing’s frozen…ha!)

Now first – the beat. It’s uniquely reggae-esque with smooth instrumentals mixed in. I’m no expert – that’s just what I hear. Line distribution does seem to lean more heavily towards JiWoo and BM (as Somin is a main dancer), but J.Seph most definitely got more lines with this release. If you think about it, logically, K.A.R.D. is still in their infancy stage so we have lots more time to discover more of their talents!

But let us now address the videography – it’s vertical. VERTICAL! I’d like to think that I’ve seen a lot of kpop M/Vs but I’ve never seen one vertical! When you minimize it on your phone, if you’re rocking out to it on that device, it retains its vertical-ness and the black on either side goes away! Not only that but their behind-the-scenes is well filmed as well.

As a former stage hand on the light crew for high school musicals, can I just say that I appreciate all the time it took to get their set lit? Sure, some edits may have been made in post-op, but was definitely put together well to match the set to beat. The only thing is I wish the girls were in front more for some parts of the dance because let’s face it, BM’s a GIANT!

This music video was released not 12 hours ago, and it’s already surpassed 1.3 million views. Think about that for a moment. They’re a co-ed group, testing new mixes in their pre-releases, and haven’t even officially debuted yet. They have released basically one music video a month – Oh Na Na (14 million views), Don’t Recall (17 million views) and now Rumor (1.3 million views and counting!) – along with choreography videos, behind-the-scenes and more! I am proud to say that I’ve enjoyed watching them grow since Oh Na Na and I can’t wait to see what their official debut brings!


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