K.A.R.D. | Rumor | Hidden Version

Today on #AddictingKpop | K.A.R.D. | Rumor | The Hidden Version

Now I don’t know about you, but a group that hasn’t even officially debuted yet and has out as more content than groups who have a year under their belts is to be commended. The cool thing about this group is that some of them have already been through this before so they have first-hand experience that a fully rookie group wouldn’t have. Their managers would never be able to fully explain how debuting works – the brand new members would have to experience it themselves. So I think that’s one of the many reasons folks are finding K.A.R.D. so refreshing. They’ve done it before. They’ve got the formula down and they are being themselves (as far as I can tell). They seem to have the most freedom of any debuting (or establish group) that I’ve seen to post on social media and interact with fans.

This “hidden version” concept though is something I am not used to yet. As someone who has been a kpop fan for many years I’ve only recently started seeing more and more dance practice and performance videos crop up, but “hidden versions” are even newer than those. With K.A.R.D.’s 2nd Project they released an English “hidden version” for Don’t Recall, so let’s take a look at Project 3’s version.

The very first thing that popped into my head when I saw the thumbnail on YouTube was that the one set they used reminded me of 9Muses’ Hurt Locker music video. I always loved that summer release and it is still in my “Favorite Kpop” playlist. The bright colors were very happy and matched well with the tone of the song. It’s the same for Rumor. It’s a unique setting for a unique song. This time the filmography is back to the traditional horizontal view, allowing the viewer to see more of the choreography. I also love the contrast between the night-day scenes. Though it’s shot at night it’s still brightly-colored (like the vertical M/V is), and is very visually pleasing.

However, if you’re not familiar with the concept K.A.R.D. is going for, you may be surprised to find they’re showcasing another dancer in this Hidden Version. I am unfamiliar with Z.SUN, but she is the Hidden KAR(d). I mistook her for Somin at first because they both sport up-do hairstyles. As it turns out she’s their choreographer, so that is incredibly cool that they showcased her in this version! Even though “k hip-hop” isn’t my forte, they are most definitely giving credit where credit is due.

I don’t know about you, but I thoroughly enjoyed their third Project! I know they’ll probably never read this tiny blog, but I wish them luck on their official debut!


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