Drama | Love Around

It’s very rare that I post anything about a drama before I’m through watching it but this one is thirty-some episodes and I already love it. It’s taking a bit of time getting used to watching dramas where they speak Chinese but I’m slowly coming around. Here’s the synopsis from the show’s Wikipedia page, because it’s written much more efficiently than I ever could!

Two individuals with opposite family backgrounds, she is the daughter of a former Chief of Police and he is the son of a former triad boss, become friends when both have just been dumped by their significant others. They use their heartbreak to console each other but soon their friendship turns to love, but their love may not survive when she publicly offends a man she doesn’t know is his father.

It is quite refreshing seeing these two want to help each other. Usually it’s a lovesick guy trying to help a broken-hearted girl or vice versa. But these two aren’t in high school and are faced with more adult situation. The story is centered around Zhou Zhen and Xiao Shu, but as I am only on episode 9 I can’t report on how it turns out! Not only that but I refuse to read episode synopsis’ online to be cheated out of the ending so I’ll just end this blog post here!

Love Around is on Netflix (commercial free of course!), but I’m taking my time and am trying not to binge it too badly!




    1. Netflix is how I’ve been watching some of my dramas lately. It’s easier sometimes on my brain than learning how to navigate a completely new site. LOL I was more shocked to find Descendants of the Sun on there, an incredibly popular drama like Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, though that one isn’t even on.


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