Hyolyn | Blue Moon

This week on #AddictingKpop
Hyolyn | Blue Moon

While Sistar is not one of my bias groups I have enjoyed a number of their releases including Touch My BodyI Like That and Shake It. Their releases always seemed to be right at the start of summer and are the perfect introductions to the season. I also love how tan a few of the members are and they’ve been noted for breaking Korean beauty standards.

I found Hyolyn’s most recent music video a few days ago and loved the different feel to it. While I’m not crazy about stock images and so many filters being used in videos, I loved her voice in it with the EDM nuances.

Of course EDM has been the continuing new trend in Korea these days – Drip Drop by Taemin, Fire by BTS, Free Somebody by Luna [F(x)], Lucky One by EXO and Don’t Believe by Berry Good, just to name a few – I love how it’s done in Hyolyn’s MV. I honestly don’t know much about Sister, so I don’t know if she’s a main dancer for the group or not, but I am a bit disappointed there’s hardly any dancing except for a few seconds during the chorus and bridge.

All around though it’s a fun song to work out or drive to work to. It reminds me of another kpop mv that used sparklers but I cannot remember which! It’s driving me bonkers! They’re on the beach as well…but omg this is gonna drive me crazy! So if you know it please leave a comment down below. In the meantime I’ll edit this if i remember which it is.


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