Drama | Queen for Seven Days


For as long as I have been watching dramas I have been a sucker for historical ones. I often have to keep myself in check and not get sucked into the endless binging that comes with the territory. (If you’re hear that means you already know what I’m talking about). I kept staring at one of the characters, wondering where I’d seen him before, and then I realized that he was in another Joseon-era drama I loved, Arang and the Magistrate (Yeon Woo Jin). During my research I also just realized that Park Min-Young, who plays Chae-Kyung, was in ANOTHER favorite drama of mine, Sungkyunkwan Scandal. Not to mention the many other supporting cast members I’ve seen in era dramas as well. So for this particular series I am already world’s happy with the casting!

I saw the banner for Queen for Seven Days on the Viki homepage and was immediately drawn to the plot line. It IS, however, rated 15, so if you can’t handle some bloody scenes (which I just close my eyes to for this show!), then maybe you should start out with Arang and the Magistrate. Aw crap…now I want to go back and rewatch that again!

The good thing about this show is that it is still airing with only four episodes currently up on Viki with full English titles, so if you start this week you won’t fall too far behind. I have always found Korean historical dramas intriguing, richly costumed and well-cast. Queen for Seven Days encompasses all three of those criteria, not to mention based on a true event in Korean history. I highly recommend this drama, and while I did skip a few sections (as they always have those flash back scenes in nearly EVERY drama), I still laughed and I still cried and I’m sure I will do some more of both as the rest of this show airs.

Park Min Young | 박민영


Yeon Woo-Jin | 연우진



Lee-Dong-Gun.jpgLee Dong Gun | 이동건



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